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  1. wooden outdoor playsets castle climb

    Castle Climb

    10 211,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  2. /o/u/outdoor play equipment paradise 2

    Paradise 2

    33 652,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  3. /w/o/wood climbing frame home climb

    Home Climb

    12 673,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  4. outdoor play equipment paradise 8

    Paradise 8

    40 351,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  5. wooden outdoor play equipment paradise 9

    Paradise 9

    29 220,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  6. /w/o/wooden playsets cabin climb

    Cabin Climb

    13 580,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  7. wooden climbing frame and slide chalet climb

    Chalet Climb

    14 746,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  8. /w/o/wooden outdoor playsets tower climb

    Tower Climb

    8 902,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  9. /s/m/small wooden climbing frame casa climb

    Casa Climb

    12 103,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  10. /w/o/wooden climbing frames for children cubby climb

    Cubby Climb

    14 098,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  11. /w/o/wooden climbing frames for small gardens lodge climb

    Lodge Climb

    13 399,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  12. /w/o/wooden garden climbing frames house climb

    House Climb

    12 686,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  13. /w/o/wooden climbing frames for children shelter climb

    Shelter Climb

    13 969,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  14. /s/m/small wooden climbing frame club climb

    Club Climb

    10 211,00 kr inkl. MOMS
  15. /w/o/wooden garden climbing frames cottage climb

    Cottage Climb

    13 321,00 kr inkl. MOMS
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Items 1-15 of 28

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By combining a playtower and the Climb Module Jungle Gym outdoor play equipment does provide the most complete climbing frames your kid could love. These selected models included a climbing wall, a climbing net and a swing. When putting together these and the many play elements stored in the Jungle Gym wooden climbing frames for children, endless climbing, running, sliding and swinging fun can be guaranteed!
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